nothing is more delicate than silence..
i miss you baby...i need you


I’m sorry but this picture makes me so mad! yes having an ED is extremely fucked up and awful I hate it and it is hard however, you can look in the mirror one day and realize your skinny. in fact I know I am ten pounds away from my lowest healthy weight. I DO not intend to go past that. I really want children one day I want a life iv had the same dream and plan since I was four; it is very rational, a hard mountain to climb but I can make it and I won’t let this disorder control me forever I won’t. starting to eat again will be hard because I will flip if I gain more then five pounds I just cannot do that but I can get better once I reach my goal. I won’t let a ton of bitchy people tell me I’m killing myself that “your never going to be able to eat normally again” because I will it’s like juicing if you don’t go off the fast right; you won’t keep the weight off. any who I felt the need to rant this I just get so frustrated